Happy Release Day, ANNA!

December 2nd, 2010 • Kate

thumb_AnnaFrenchKissAt long last, I’m thrilled to celebrate with Stephanie Perkins the publication day of her fabulously delicious novel Anna and the French Kiss. As fellow kt literary client Maureen Johnson blurbed, it’s “Very sly. Very funny. Very romantic. You should date this book.”

Anna is available now from all your favorite bricks and mortar and online bookstores!

And to make the day even more special, if you purchase a copy and link to a picture of you and your book in the comments below, I will pick one random commenter to win a kt literary tote bag — perfect for hauling books around!

In the meantime, I’m curious — have you ever studied abroad? I took a short semester in London when I was in college, taking a course called “Art, Culture, and [something] in London.” It was basically an excuse for a group of 25 or so of us to tour the city, go to museums, shows, pubs, and historic sites. In other words, awesome. I couldn’t wait to go back afterwards, and I moved to London shortly after I graduated college to spend another six months there. Have you ever lived or worked in another country?

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11 Responses to “Happy Release Day, ANNA!”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I studied abroad in Toulouse, France for a summer as part of our French "Language, Business, and Technology" program. I loved being in France and learning French, I hated learning about business.

    While I was there I lived with a French family that had five kids ranging from ages 13 to 25 (who all still lived at home even though two of them were going to college to be a doctor and an engineer), so adding a twenty-year-old American into the mix wasn't a big deal.

    It was a great experience and has actually helped me further in my life. The amount of French people studying Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech is shocking, and since most of them went to Supaero for undergrad (which is in Toulouse) we have a lot to talk about it. Except in English. My French is terrible.

  2. Krista V. Says:

    I'm looking forward to this one, although I'm going to have to wait. I think someone's getting it for me for Christmas:)

  3. Carrie Harris Says:

    I spent almost two months studying in Spain, which was just long enough to realize that I know NOTHING. I would have loved to go back, but it just never worked out.

    Congrats to Stephanie and you too!

  4. Wyn Says:

    Fantastic! I've been excited to read this since I saw it reviewed on Persnickity Snark! *adds to Christmas list*

    As for studying abroad, I sort of feel like I've done nothing but that in terms of school. My parents moved us to France when I was three and a half, and I sort of had to figure out the language as I went along. Fifteen years, a French Brevet, and a full L Baccalaureat later I still can't spell in Frence to save my life and will always chose to read in English for pleasure over French.

    On the other hand I used to go "home" to Canada periodically over the summer to attend theatre and Arts programs, but considering I lived in France I considered that more abroad than learning everything in my second language. The summer before University I took Italian and History of Art courses in Florence. Then I bounced to England for University because I couldn't quite convince myself to go all the way back to Canada even though that had always been the plan.

    Considering I'm really not sure where home actually is I guess it's all technically abroad for me! 🙂 That's probably one of the reasons I'm so excited to read this book!

  5. Chelsey Says:

    I studied abroad three times. Once it was a ten-day immersion trip to the International Festival du Theatre in Avignon. Fifty teenagers (18-25), ten or so "over 25"s, living in an elementary school with a kiddie pool. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? It was fabulous. I met a girl from Istanbul and visited her there two years later. And the Romanian kid knew the Beatles better than me.

    The next year I went to London for a three-week creative writing program taught by a man named Fergus Dick. We saw the British Museum, Queen Mary's Garden. Wrote some stories. Cur my lip and saw the inside of an A&E. Good times.

    Then I spent junior semester abroad at Oxford, the most gorgeous place in the world. I went backpacking after that (ending in Istanbul). i loved it all, and love books that promote travel for teens, because I wish I'd started earlier! Can't wait to read Ann!

  6. Chelsey Says:

    err.. Anna!

  7. Becca Wilder Says:

    I've been monitoring the release date for this book ever since you started talking about it and I am so excited it's finally here! Can't wait to read it!!

  8. Anne C Says:

    I participated in a high-school trip to Europe during my Junior year: six countries in 17 days. It shaped my life; I fell in love with travelling and declared a major in International Busisness in college so that I could travel the world on someone else's dime in the future.

    Since then, I spent a summer in Tours, France studying French; a month in London studying Finance; a semester in graduate school for an internship in Orthez, France; and then worked 6 months as an Au Pair in the southwest of France.

    After returning to the U.S., I worked for a Canadian company and settled for speaking French-Canadian and travelling to Toronto for a few years. It wasn't the same–does Canada even count as another country?

    I have since changed careers, but I miss the international travel–there is nothing more thrilling or inspiring.

  9. celsie Says:

    I plan on working in Japan after graduation. I'm not sure I'll be able to study there before then, but I'd like to.

    I definitely like working with exchange students here in the states!

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  11. Nevaeh Says:

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