Guest Blog by Trish Doller: Take Two

March 1st, 2010 • Kate

road01We all know how the publishing process is supposed to go. You write a fabulous book, then land your dream agent, who sells your book to a publisher. A year later–voila! You’re a published author.

Except, it doesn’t always work like that.

Sometimes that first book never finds a publisher. Sometimes the project dies along the route to publication, and you and your agent have to go back to square one–which is what happened with my first book. My deal died in the pipeline and we had to go back out on submission, which hasn’t proved as successful as the first time around.

So what do I do now? Well, I write another book. Only this time it’s not so easy.

With book one, I had no clue about “the market” and whether or not my book would fit. I just wrote the story that was buzzing around my brain and it turned out to be a pretty good one. But now–having had a brief taste of what it’s like–I’m keenly aware that my next book should be something editors will want. Oh, I still believe I have to write a story that calls to my heart, but I have lots of ideas. The trick now is to find the one that can keep its head above water in a market swamped with zombies, angels, demons, werewolves, and vampires. Yeah. No pressure there.

It also seems like I’ve got a lot of other people in my head while working on book two that I didn’t have with book one. Writing partners who are so much better than I am. An agent who is certainly going to dump me if I don’t finish this project immediately. And that imaginary editor who will reject the entire book if I make the main character’s dad a cheater instead of a chronic gambler. Instead of being motivating, it can be sometimes paralyzing.

And finally, when I first sold my book, I joined a group called The Tenners, whose books are scheduled for publication in 2010. Now I’m watching their books hit the shelves and while I’m happy for them–no, I really am!–their successes make my disappointment that much stronger. Sometimes it’s enough to make me want to throw in the towel.

I’m not telling you all this because I’m looking for a pity party–although I’d take a cupcake if you’ve got one. I’m just here to serve as a real life reminder that publishing is full of pitfalls.

So what do I do now?

I pick myself up, dust myself off, log off the Internet, and write.

Trish Doller is hard at work on her next novel, and is a fantastic cheerleader for her fellow Tenners. Learn more about her and other kt literary clients here.

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13 Responses to “Guest Blog by Trish Doller: Take Two”

  1. Suzanne Young Says:

    I think Trish failed to mention that SHE'S A BRILLIANT WRITER! And what a great blog post. There can be so many disappointments along the way, there's no need to pile more pressure on yourself.

    Great honest look at the business, Trish!

  2. Another Sara Says:

    Here's hoping that when it happens for you next time — with your attitude, how could it not? — it's extra sweet.

  3. Casey McCormick Says:

    Thank you for this eye-opening post, Trish. I'm sorry things didn't work out with your first deal, but I'm sure we'll see you published in the future. You've made it far enough to know you have genuine talent. Try to push those voices aside the best you can (I know, the never go away!) and get that next novel done. I'm cheering for you!!!

  4. Paola Says:

    As much as this post depresses me I want to thank you. I'm tired of always hearing "You can achieve your dreams, anyone can do it" because while that is true, it is not as easy as it sounds.

    This shows that while dreams are acheivable there are a lot of obstacles that have to be overcome before reaching them.

    This can actually be very encouraging if viewed the right way.

  5. Julia Says:

    *hands over double chocolate fudge cupcake*

    Trish, you are a professional and handling this with tons of grace, too! I have no doubt that the next book will be a winner (because YOU already are!)

    I say, write the book you love and the powers that be will love it to! Plus – with Kate in your corner, you will come out on top – I just know it!

  6. Stephanie Perkins Says:

    Oh my word. I'd been wondering where you'd gone, but I had NO IDEA. I'm shocked. And heartbroken.

    I second Julia: "You are a professional and handling this with tons of grace." I'm impressed and astounded by your post. I've only heard WONDERFUL things about your writing, so I know without a doubt it will happen for you. My most sincere, gigantic, hug-filled good luck with your new project. We're all rooting for you.

    You are amazing.

  7. Shannon Says:

    I find that chocolate helps – seriously.

    Your honesty and great attitude will get you there. I would love to know 1/10 of what you've learned along the way.

    Good luck – not that you need it!

  8. Suzanne Casamento Says:

    Oh Trish, I want to send you a dozen cupcakes. And tell the pressure people to get out of your head! You rock!

  9. Kiki Hamilton Says:

    Hi Trish,

    I'm a little late in posting here but I hope you can feel my heartfelt hugs. What you've had to go through is a writer's worst nightmare – but the same talent that got you your first editor will find you another. Write from your heart, tell a compelling story – remember why you started writing in the first place and you'll be back on your path to publication. You can do it!!

  10. Crissa-Jean Chappell Says:

    Trish, I'm sooo excited to read ALL your books when they come out (if not now…then later. You can bet on it). Hugs from one Florida girl to another.

  11. Sara Bennett-Wealer Says:

    Trish, I'm late to the party, too. But let me offer you hugs and a spot on the Elevensies WHEN your new book sells and you're preparing for your 2011 debut. You've been so patient, so supportive of other authors and such a good sport. It's going to happen for you. I know it.

  12. Alexis Grant Says:

    Hey — Emily Harris sent me to you. Glad she did! Great post. Not great how it turned out for you, but fabulous that you've got this positive outlook and plan to, as my fave Texas singer says, "keep on keepin' on." We're all rooting for you!

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