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February 17th, 2010 • Kate

offlineI’m taking next week off (mostly) to do something for myself before the run up to Bologna gets truly crazy. What does “mostly” mean? Well, I’m not going completely cold turkey on the internet — but I’ll likely be checking Twitter and such only from my phone. I’m trying to get caught up on queries before I go, but if anything comes in next week while I’m gone, Intern Jenny will be on the case, taking a close and careful look at them and passing anything she thinks might be up my alley to me for a read.

Speaking of reading, that’s one of the things I *do* expect to get done on my break. I’m stocking my Kindle with your romances, your paranormals, your mysteries and thrillers. I’ve got drafts of new novels by several of my clients (lucky me!) and a couple of fulls I’m hoping live up to the promise of the early chapters.

But never fear! Even while I’m gone, I wouldn’t dream of leaving you stranded without something to read (and shoes to swoon over). All next week I’ll be featuring guest posts on the blog from my authors, as well as one from Intern Jenny herself, with her thoughts on the query process.

But I’m also curious — so many of you are writers building your web presences. How do you handle blog vacations? Do you schedule posts in advance? Let the blog be silent while you’re gone? Post by phone, just to keep your hand in? It’s not just vacations either — when your deadline is hard and fast upon you, do you let your blog get dusty, or is that when you’re MORE inclined to post, as a form of procrastination? How do you handle enforced time away from the internet? Do you celebrate?

May the comments be lively!

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10 Responses to “Going Offline”

  1. write-brained Says:

    HI KT–have a great (almost) vaca! I've been blogging for almost two years and I used to have posts scheduled during my vacations. But I have found that doing it that way doesn't truly give me a break (I'm always running off to the computer). So now I just walk away and say "see ya next week"! Then I get to recharge my batteries too! I do keep up on Facebook and Twitter though–I guess I can't completely walk away–LOL!! Take Care!

  2. Jamie Says:

    I schedule them. I know it's kind of a cop out thing to do, but really if you want to keep up with the every day blogging thing it's something you kind of have to do. The guest post thing is cool though, and then they can show up in the comments, etc. Maybe next time I'll do THAT!

  3. DeAnna Says:

    I've only been doing daily blogging (on the two blogs) since January 1, and I have to say that I do them all on Sunday morning and schedule them throughout the week. I do better when I can focus on one thing at a time for a couple of hours than trying to flip quickly from task to task.

    Have fun!

  4. ChristaCarol Says:

    Hm, this scheduling thing sounds like something I may have to look into. I don't do daily blogging, but every other day or 2 at the least a week (I do have school, after all). I've been the "don't blog at all" type when I'm away, but am considering going "Scheduled blogs".

    Have a relaxing? vaca! Looking forward to the guest posts.

  5. Marie Carlson Says:

    I really like how Justine Larbalestier is handling her month-long blog absence; she set up guest posts ahead of time. For shorter absences, I'm not sure that would be necessary, and might even be more work than actually taking a few minutes to blog on your own, but for long term situations, I really like the guest blogs. Plus it introduces readers to new people; my blogroll has greatly expanded because of it.

  6. Stina Says:

    I pretty much only blog twice a week, unless there's some award or contest I want to announce. Or because I feel like posting something. If I take time off, it's usually from my photography tip posts. I don't do scheduled posts. I usually announce the longer breaks ahead of time, or just don't post. 🙂

  7. callie Says:

    I share a blog with three other awesome girls on my website. That way we all only have to blog once every few weeks. Especially since we've started getting some guest bloggers.

    If I get sick or just don't have anything prepared in time for my turn, one of the other girls is always ready to jump in with something. It's a great way to do it.

    On the other hand, the website we run has forums and we take submissions for critiques and stuff so it takes up a ton of my time. Luckily for me, I don't really know the meaning of the word vacation. lol.

  8. Kristi Says:

    Since I'm part of a group, I only post once a week which is very manageable. I'm the type who doesn't do anything work-related when I'm on vacation — it gives me time to charge my batteries and spend uninterrupted time with family. Hope you have a great trip!

  9. Suzanne Casamento Says:

    I write a Question of the Day every day – no matter where I am. The hard part isn't posting, it's coming up with a question!

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