Holiday Hours

December 17th, 2009 • Kate

bespoke-christmas-wreathsAs I mentioned before, kt literary will be taking off for the holidays shortly, and during that time, we will be closed to queries. Any queries received AFTER 12 midnight (mountain time) on Friday, December 18th and BEFORE 8am on Monday, January 4th will be deleted unread. I’m hoping the Web Monkey will help me put an auto-responder on my email, so that if you send a message during this time period, you’ll be reminded that we’re closed, and asked to resend your query in the New Year.

If you sent a query, partial or full already (or hope to do so before midnight on Friday), I’m going to do my best to respond to everyone by the end of the year. Will I get to everyone? I hope so. If not, I’ll be in touch with my reaction in the New Year. I do want to read for pleasure over the holidays, though — I just got a copy of the 2010 William C. Morris finalist Ash by Malinda Lo, and I can’t wait to read it!

I’ll be scheduling some special About My Query posts for Christmas and New Year’s though, and I hope you’ll come check them out.

Otherwise, I’m curious — what books are on your Christmas wish list? Or what titles do you hope or plan to read over the break? Please give your suggestions in the comments!

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10 Responses to “Holiday Hours”

  1. Stina Says:

    I bought Beautiful Creatures, which I'm reading right now. I'm also planning to buy Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets A Novelist Can Learn From Actors by Brandilyn Collins. I borrowed it from the library because the characterization in my last novel was weak. I really liked the idea behind the book, and decided to add it to my home library.

    I have a bookshelf of favorite YA books I want to read again before next year's YA books hit the bookstore.

    Have a great break, Kate.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    I have fallen behind and there's a stack of books on my bedside table which I must get through before I'm allowed to buy any more!

    I just went to look, here's the stack:

    The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson

    The Gentling Box by Lisa Mannetti

    Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

    The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

    Cheek by Jowl by Ursula K. Le Guin

    The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

    I don't think I'm going to finish before the year is out. :/

  3. Heather Zenzen Says:

    Well, I'm supposed to read 120 pre-determined books for my MFA program this year, but I figure I can wait a LITTLE bit to get started on those. While I'm procrastinating, I'll be reading:

    Beautiful Creatures

    Sunshine (currently reading)


    Hush Hush

    The Maze Runner



    The Demon's Lexicon


    The Prophecy Sisters


    Eating Animals

    The Lacuna

    Under the Dome


    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


    Before I Fall

    Tell Me a Secret

    Nowhere: A Novel

    The Body Finder

    The Dark Devine

    The Sky Always Hears Me

    This Lullaby

    The Summoning

    The Everafter

    Oh my Lord. That's a lot of procrastinating! Also need to read my 8 y.o. daughter's copy of Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, and we're reading Savvy together.

  4. Kristi Says:

    I'm finishing up the last few pages of The Book Thief tonight and it'll be hard to follow that with anything as it's so amazing. However, the 3 books sitting on my table to read over break are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hush, Hush, and The Heretic's Daughter. Happy holidays to all!

  5. amy sue nathan Says:

    I think it's a wonderful goal to read for pleasure over the holidays. All my reading is work related lately – and while I love it, I miss cozying up with a book I don't need to critique or edit (or write). I have been hauling The Wednesday Sisters around with me. I don't know anything about it other than it's about five women who are friends and writers.

  6. Katee Says:

    I've been dying to get my hands on Beautiful Creatures and I'm really excited for Molly Harper's new book, Nice Girls Don't Live Forever. She's hilarious and I love Jane.

  7. Ellen Booraem Says:

    My partner and I have a books-only rule for Christmas presents, and I tipped off the local bookstore owner that I desperately want Wolf Hall, so my fingers are crossed.

  8. A. L. Sonnichsen Says:

    I'm working through my Fill in the Gaps Project list of books. Up for the holidays is The Tale of Despereaux, Kira-Kira and Thirteen Reasons Why.

    Happy holidays, Kate. I hope you get a vacation in there somewhere!

  9. Mandy Says:

    This Christmas, I'm finishing off my Wheel of Time reread (currently in Book 10) so I can read The Gathering Storm. I doubt that will give me much time for anything else, but on the off chance it does, I have Alcatraz versus the Knights of Crystallia sitting on my dresser. And if that's still not enough to get me through Christmas Break before grad school starts back up, I have some very large Peter F. Hamilton books I've been meaning to read (The Night's Dawn trilogy). I also have a few David Weber books and Lamentation by Ken Scholes, but I doubt I'll get to those. Christmas break doesn't last forever.

  10. dust Says:

    I am reading Shadows over Baker Street, which has only had one meh story so far:

    I read the 12 Gene Wolfe Solar Cycle books this year, one per month, and it was fun. I'm trying to figure out a new Massive Reading Project (i.e., about a book a month for one author or theme) for next year. Any suggestions?