Best (Worst) Vacations EVAH!

June 8th, 2009 • Kate

vacationsWow, you guys, you have had some tough times on vacation! I think I have to give a copy of Vacations From Hell to Kiersten for the mental image of “two, humongous, pasty white floating monstrosities.” But hey, I’ve got extra copies of the book! So now it’s your turn. Take a look at the comments on Friday’s post, and tell me which vacation story you think is the worst. The audience choice will ALSO get a copy of Vacations From Hell. And Kiersten, send me an email with your mailing address.

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11 Responses to “Best (Worst) Vacations EVAH!”

  1. Kiersten White Says:

    Whoohoo! I knew someday that trauma would be useful to me.

    *doing the free book happy dance*

  2. Moth Says:

    "One word: Hookers"

    That one gets my vote.

  3. Carrie Harris Says:

    Jamie Harrington's hole in the swimsuit made me wince and snarf at the same time, so I'll vote for that one.

    Yay, Kiersten! You are kewl. 😉

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Oh Jamie Harrington’s is the best. What could be more humiliating for a 14 yr old? For anyone really! She’s got my vote!!! Love the chest hair comment…

  5. Jean Says:

    Ooo…tough call. I kind of like the “hookers” one, because so much is left to our imagination.

  6. Steph Says:

    Jamie Harrington gets my vote!

  7. Pretty Hair Clippies Says:

    I think Jamie's Harrington's story is the one I can relate to the most. Ouch! At least you (hopefully) never saw the dude again.

  8. Kiersten White Says:

    Oh, also, I’m throwing my vote in with the hole-in-the-swimmingsuit. Poor dear.

  9. Amy Sonnichsen Says:

    My personal fav was Katie Hartnett’s, about travelling with her Dad and Uncle Sam. I was right there with her in her pain and frustration … stopping at every reststop on the freeway. Ugh.

  10. Karen Says:

    Even though my vacation seems to be the worst (because it happened to me, of course, and those kids were REALLY bad!) I have to vote for the Hookers! As an adult, it would probably make me laugh and provide plenty of fuel for writing, but I'm thinking as a child, I would have been terrified of pimps and Johns and a scene reminiscent of the opening credits of Law and Order.

  11. Leslie Ann Says:

    Can I vote for myself? Oh the "hookers" thing happened when I was fourteen.