Igor’s (webmonkey’s) “Saturday in the Laboratory” to-do list

April 4th, 2009 • WebMonkey

chico_guerilla_by_cobbymanThings that still need to be done:

  • Copy for all clients
  • Book image listing thing
  • Twitter and Facebook ids for the clients that have them
  • Pie
  • Updating tags on all the old posts
  • Get feedback in comments VV RIGHT DOWN HERE VV on stuff that isn’t working.

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14 Responses to “Igor’s (webmonkey’s) “Saturday in the Laboratory” to-do list”

  1. Julie Butcher-Fedyni Says:

    1. On the daphne page under categories There should be a Follow Me or Find Daphne button to a twitter/facebook/myspace section with click here.

    2. Appearances section- tons of writers would be too timid to query unless they've seen you in person.

    3. The little flower/pinwhirl icons on the bars should have some of the dark purple background color. They don't look the same hue, but that could be my computer.

    4. Love the new header.

  2. WebMonkey Says:

    Hi Julie. Replies!

    1. We're adding the Social Networking stuff now. There should be a follow me on Twitter thing on the Daphne page now… I'm trying to find something similar with Facebook, but no joy at the moment.

    2. No upcoming appearances, but that category should automagically appear when something comes up.

    3. Fixed the fluers!

    4. That's all Daphne. I gather there was a lot of photo-snapping to get that one.

  3. Christina Farley Says:

    Loved it! Very clean and clear. I looked at it earlier and then just now and I can see you've been busy making corrections to everything. I liked how we can sign up to follow Kate on Facebook and Twitter. So easy!

    Great work.

  4. Tiffany Schmidt Says:

    Dearest Web Monkey,

    Since you're nearly done, what type of pie would you like? Banana cream, I'm assuming…

    One thought for the submissions page – I know the 'email us' automatically opens up a new e-mail addressed to you, but this option doesn't work on all computers. It would helpful to list the e-mail address somewhere too (maybe in parenthesis right next to the link?) Just a suggestion!

    It looks great.

    Now will that be one slice, two, or the whole pie?

  5. uppington Says:

    I could barely read the submissions page, the print was too close in color to the background. Otherwise it looked great.

  6. WebMonkey Says:

    That very odd, Uppington – the submissions page should have exactly the same background as all the other pages.

  7. Kiersten White Says:

    Oooh, very shiny and pretty. I love it. I love the new clients page, and the list of your co-agents would make me drool were I in the market for an agent.

    The little blurb under the header made me laugh. A lot. I think it would definitely attract the kind of authors you're interested in repping ; )

    Plus, with your last website a lot of the time it would freeze on the homepage. I never could figure out why, but it isn't a problem with this one.

    Give the WebMonkey some extra treats, he deserves them. This is a great site.

  8. gwen hayes Says:

    I think the submission page is..undone..or something. And the problem that Uppington referred to is the links for the other writers are highlighted a very light purple color.

    I love the tagline…please tell me you are keeping that.

    And the Madeline L'Engle quote is one of my faves.

    I'm not much of a techy or designer…but I can say that there is a very strong vibe here. It's very positive, it's fun–it feels like this agency enjoys what they do very much. A lot of literary agent sites are stuffy and pretentious. The pages all feel inviting to me. Like, the table I want to sit at in the cafeteria. (Geez, write YA much Gwen?)

    Anyway–if I hadn't already queried here, I would very much want to after visiting the site.

  9. WebMonkey Says:

    A ha! I had a broken script in the Submissions page that Chrome and Firefox were dealing with (kinda), but it was breaking Internet Explorer.


  10. gwen hayes Says:

    much better.

    now…is there a way to make the comments darker?

    and lol@ webmonkey is so dreamy tag

  11. Rebecca (Fie Eoin) Says:

    Wow, I love the new site. It looks much more profesional and I love the tagline on the header! The submissions page problem seems to have been cleared up in the time since I first looked at it, and the only other thing I saw was on the client page – the spacing on the far right side is a little bit too close for those parts that take up more than one line. "Writing Software I’d Probably Die Without", "The Grey Lady Loves Comics, Too" and "18 THINGS TO DO WHENEVER" are half-way on the line.

    Overall, GREAT job on the site!

  12. nightsmusic Says:

    I LOVE it! Then again, I love purple ๐Ÿ™‚ The only problem I see is the pale purple for comments and some of the other type against the light background. It's hard on my eyes, but that might just be me. I'm viewing it in Firefox though and everything works well.

    Yup, very cool ๐Ÿ˜€ If you repped my genre, I'd certainly query here.

  13. Jean Says:

    I see 'Pie' is not crossed off your list yet. As the wise say, "Life is uncertain, eat your dessert first."

    It's looking good! I'll have to remember to change my RSS reader for the new feed URL.


  14. WebMonkey Says:

    Jean speaks wisdom. I leave now, to acquire pie.