Things that Make Me Think (aka Links)

February 9th, 2009 • Kate

I came across a couple of interesting blog posts recently that make me think, and I thought I’d see what YOU thought of them! First, John Green comes up with a pretty interesting analysis, using Goodreads, of how teens relate to books. I saw a bit of this at ALA the other weekend, where many teens stepped up to speak about a book they loved from the long list. Over and over. I didn’t get a chance to hear the committee discuss the book in detail, but let’s just say it wasn’t an award-winner. But kids loved it, and they love award-winners, too. There was a ton of controversy before the big ALA awards were announced, as to how the committee often seems to pick books that teens don’t read. John looks at the Goodreads numbers for some of those books, and says, “Oh yeah?” Like I said, really interesting.
Then over on Editorial Anonymous this morning, she posts a brilliantly titled entry on “Living is Optimism”. As an author, if you’ve ever wondered how agents and editors can set deadlines only to watch them fly past, this is why. We’re optimists. Does that help?
Then, of course, there was last week’s quote from Stephen King on his fellow bestsellers. I think the discussion on this over at Nathan Bransford’s blog was extremely scintillating, and I’m not sure what I can add beyond this, but I do wonder — are there any authors you see on the bestseller list that you’d lump in with the ones King disparages? Of course there are. Because we’re all allowed to be critics to our own taste.
That’s all for now. QuickBooks summons, and I must respond.

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One Response to “Things that Make Me Think (aka Links)”

  1. Caryn Caldwell Says:

    Wow. Hadn't read the King quote before now, but I can see why he has so many people all aflutter. Funny thing is, I think one of the writers he disparages is actually very, very good at spinning a story, while another is, honestly, not that great. Who, really, is anyone to declare that someone is or isn't a good writer? I've read some of King's books. Some of them I've liked, some of them I haven't. But plenty of others have loved the ones I didn't, so I can't declare that they're bad books – simply that they're not to my taste. To do otherwise would, I believe, be very arrogant.