There is an Author IN MY HOUSE!

February 13th, 2009 • Kate

Don’t make any sudden moves. She’s right behind me, typing away. Answering fan mail. Plotting her next book. Blogging.
It’s very exciting. Also, a little scary. She keeps asking me things.
I’ve other, non-threatening news, but I have to wait until next week to share. Until then, check out this review of Lili Wilkinson’s novel The (Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend. And have a great weekend with the authors in YOUR house!

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6 Responses to “There is an Author IN MY HOUSE!”

  1. David Wright Says:

    Love the picture!

  2. Julia Says:

    How exciting! Woo!

  3. kikihamilton Says:

    Now THAT is a funny picture! That's really you, isn't it? HA! The author has got to be Maureen. Because that girl has a little bit of a scary side. Especially when she's making YouTube videos with Libba Bray in a funky mask….but I digress…btw – YOU'RE an author too…and Rexroth's an author too….hmmm..the plot thickens….nothin' I love better than a mystery AND a cliffhanger…because it's Friday and we probably won't find out the answer until Monday…

  4. chocolateinspir Says:

    I can't wait to find out more!

  5. beth Says:

    Haha! Have fun! Remember, us authors like chocolate and can be placated with beer.

  6. beth Says:

    Er…WE authors also like good grammar.