Ack! Numbers!

February 6th, 2009 • Kate

Sorry about the late post today, gang. I spent the morning with an accounting specialist trying to sort out the (apparent) mess I made of QuickBooks. I can admit it — I’m not a numbers person. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t understand them. And now I have to probably spend most of the weekend trying to redo everything I’ve imputed into my accounting software all year, only this time, I have to do it all differently.
So, please, cheer me up. What are YOUR exciting plans for the weekend?

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7 Responses to “Ack! Numbers!”

  1. yellowbrick08 Says:

    After finishing my taxes (yay!) and getting over a yucky cold, I hope to start the polish of my novel. After a trip to the farmer's market and garden center on Saturday for some fun garden building. 🙂

  2. Annie Reynolds Says:

    Currently I am melting, it is 45 degree in Sydney Australia and steadily rising. I love the heat but this is ridiculous, but i would have to say i would far prefer to be melting than doing my taxes right now, you poor thing.
    So I have full day planned, it consists of sitting at my computer and polishing my novel till it shines brighter than the Emerald City!! Then i am going to spend a little time revising the query letter to make sure it's not too shabby before i send it out to my list of fav literary agents. You know same old, same old.

  3. Julia Says:

    Cleaning house, maybe a bit of decorating (I need new bedroom curtains), dinner this evening with a friend, serious gym time tomorrow and right now – I'm going to jot down notes on a novel idea that came to me yesterday (woot!) Also need to finish reading "I Heart You, You Haunt Me" by Lisa Schroeder (it's due back at the library on Monday.)

  4. Fie Eoin Says:

    I'm taking my new puppy (all 70 lbs of her!) to the dogpark to make new friends. Then it is serious cleaning time, because she chewed the vacuum cord up last week and we just got a new vacuum. Exciting, I know.

  5. Carrie Harris Says:

    Cleaning. And then a little cleaning. After that, I might tidy a little, you know, for a break.

  6. Trish Doller Says:

    I'm not sure how exciting this is, but my daughter and I are taking Tessie to a local art festival downtown and then to the dog park.

  7. Caryn Caldwell Says:

    Oh, no. I hope it goes quickly. At least you'll get to know Quickbooks very, very well. I just updated my Quicken version to the newest one, and I got to learn that this weekend in order to pay bills. Big fun. It's pretty, but sometimes it's possible for computer programs to be a little too helpful.