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January 30th, 2009 • Kate

Still working out of the office today, although I think I lost the monkeys on my tail through a series of random turns around the Cherry Creek section of Denver on my way to a lunch meeting. I’ve now got myself a nice little nook in my local library, with a reserved room for most of the afternoon so I can actually make the phone calls I need to make without disturbing other library patrons. Sure, I give up the ease of a convenient beverage dispenser by making tracks from this morning’s coffee shop, but the library has a lot to recommend it.
I feel like I may have asked this before, but I’m curious again — where’s your favorite “out of office” place to go and work?

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10 Responses to “Out of the Office”

  1. Jolie Says:

    I'm a coffee shop girl, but not just any old coffee shop. I am very attached to one in my town where there is a sizable group of regulars who all know each other and all the baristas. This is partly because there used to be a smoking section, and smokers are naturally more sociable with one another (lots more conversation happened in the smoking room than anywhere else in the shop, and more than half of my social circle derives from it!).
    But anyway, this is a place where I am comfortable and where I know I'll almost always encounter a friendly face, but I will still be left mostly alone if it's clear that I'm working. I hate working in libraries. Too quiet. I like to work in the middle of things, but slightly apart from them.

  2. Julia Says:

    There is a "silent reading room" at the library that has lots of nice tables and chairs & you can take a cuppa in there and get all cozy and write.
    It helps me to go there when I can't get to writing for all the "things" that need to be done around the house – like dusting, vacuuming, laundry… you know – those things that get in the way of writing.

  3. Trish Doller Says:

    I like the private study rooms at the library and the local Panera, where they have outlets on all the booths–and brownies!

  4. Carrie Harris Says:

    I'm slightly obsessive compulsive and find it difficult to write anywhere but at home. I talk to myself a lot when I write. And… er… I giggle to myself too, which makes me appear more than slightly unhinged. I have on rare occasions gone to the cafe at the local bookstore, but the temptation is always there to go browsing for books when I should be writing one. And then there's that giggling thing.

  5. Joe Iriarte Says:

    I love to get out of the house to write. My laptop is a tablet convertible, so it's very portable and lightweight. I've worked at pretty much all the playgrounds in central Florida while my kids played, at the local Starbucks, on airplanes, and pretty much everywhere else. I don't have a single favorite out-of-the-house place–though I do have a favorite playground–but I end up at the Starbucks near me quite a bit. It's funny, because writers are always joking about how anybody with a laptop at a Starbucks is a poser, but I have actually gotten tons of writing done at Starbucks, and no, I don't go telling people I'm a writer.*
    More than any particular place, though, what I tend to crave is a change of scenery. Some people need their routine to write. The same spot in the house, the same time of day, whatever. Luckily for me, I don't, and I feel like I get more creative when I change the view.
    *I am inordinately pleased with myself for my ability to speak in Starbucks code, though. πŸ™‚

  6. Stina Says:

    I agree with Carrie. I tend to talk while I write and edit. And a library would be a terrible choice. I'd end up walking around, looking at all the YA books. Now that isn't a bad thing for a writer to do, except I already have a long reading list as it is. For me, the best place is my home–as long as the Internet doesn't distract me.

  7. beth Says:

    There's a local coffee shop. There's WiFi, coffee, and a fireplace…all I need!

  8. chocolateinspir Says:

    I guess I'm like Joe. Playgrounds and Starbucks. I get lots of writing done drinking a Mocha. Oh and I love their Christmas coffees too. Those are happy days.
    But usually its in the wee hours curled up on my couch when everyone is asleep. No emails, no phone calls, no 'Mommy I'm hungrys'. πŸ™‚

  9. Joe Iriarte Says:

    Hehehe . . . I get a lot of writing done curled up on my couch after everyone goes to sleep too. πŸ™‚

  10. Caryn Caldwell Says:

    I go to the library, too. I can stay as long as I like, I don't have to buy anything, and the internet's free (which can actually be a problem when it's too distracting!). Plus I have a favorite corner with lots of plants and light and comfy chairs, as well as several outlets so I can keep my computer charged.