“I Have A Dream”

January 19th, 2009 • Kate

On a day that we remember Martin Luther King, Jr., and prepare for the inauguration of Barack Obama, I’m curious to know — what’s your dream?
I mean, we’re a literary blog here, of course, so I’m talking book related, but I’m sure that gives you lots of leeway. Personally, I’m looking forward to having a world famous author who’ll be invited on a publishing junket around the world, and just HAS to have her agent with her at all times.
What about you?

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10 Responses to ““I Have A Dream””

  1. Stina Says:

    I would love the opportunity to meet my favorite authors. And I don’t just mean at a book signing during a convention. In my dream, we’d be chatting about anything and everything—families, books, our favorite movies (not that I have much time to watch many). Oh, and traveling with my agent sounds great, especially if he or she is better at language than I am.

  2. Kiersten White Says:

    I dream of being that world famous author ; ) Except I’d have to take my own agent…but maybe you could have a different world famous author and we could all go together. It’d be a party!
    Seriously though, I just want to be published, and I want my books to do well enough that I can keep being published. Sure, I’d love to be the next Meyer (who wouldn’t?) but I’ll take moderate, happy success. The idea of people I don’t know reading and enjoying my books is a pretty amazing one.

  3. lotusloquax Says:

    I'm with Kiersten on this one. I'd dream of having my books do well and having tons of readers who just can't get enough. That's a part of why I write. I want to entertain. Well, that and take long publishing junkets all around the world with my amazing agent managing all the details.

  4. Kathy Says:

    I would like to own a bookstore that sells world class YA literature.

  5. Michal Putman Says:

    I always say, if you’re going to dream, dream BIG! This has always been my way, even if I start out with a small project, it invariably grows. My writing endeavors are no exception to the rule.
    I’m going to be great! Right up there with all of my favorite authors. World tour? Sure, bring it on. And my agent might as well come along, because somebody needs to be there who’s head is, shall we say, more grounded? That, and I get lost easily.

  6. Fie Eoin Says:

    I'd like to finish Phooka Tales this week *I'm this close* and edit Fie Eoin by the end of the year. And then I'd like to hit it off with an agent right away and see one of them in print within the next two years (Fie Eoin, Fie Eoin, Fie Eoin). And I would love to make FE into a television series. I just can't see it as a movie.
    And I'd like to visit Greece, but that's completely seperate from the bookish dreams.

  7. Empress Maeuve Says:

    Well, my dream is, of course, to have my books get published and be wildly successful but, in addition to that, I would really love to see a truly excellent film adaptation of one of my stories one day. With Orlando Bloom in a starring role. Ooh, and Gerard Butler.
    Yes, please. 😀

  8. kikihamilton Says:

    Hey – I'm all over that world tour thing. And while we're dreamin', let's bring Jason Mraz or Keith Urban along with us and play a few sets with the boys – what say you? You can sing, I'll play guitar….in between book signings, of course…

  9. Christy Says:

    Oh to dream! I'd like to get published and while we're dreaming big, make it a two book deal, a tour and movie. Ha!
    Oh and yeah, you would be my agent. (couldn't resist!)
    And for some reason I can't figure out how to sign up to sign in other than being anonymous. Need to work on that too.

  10. Julia Says:

    Hah! I'll step up here as your "world famous" author! And, I can't imagine going around the world without my fabulous agent!
    Seriously – my dream is for so much prosperity and success as an author that everyone who is involved (agent, editor, publisher, etc.) is also showered with heaps of success & prosperity, too!