Big Day

January 20th, 2009 • Kate

It’s a big exciting day in the world today. The official kt literary puppies and I are watching the inauguration festivities on tv, and I’ve heard from a number of editors who are also taking time off to watch the ceremony either in person or on tv. I can imagine, in years to come, how many people will share stories of where they were on this day, or what they did to contribute to the election of Barack Obama. I know this is a different day for me than any other inauguration — what about you? And what other days in your life do you think back on and remember where you were when they occurred?
Sing out in the comments, and if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch fellow Blue Hen (University of Delaware Alum) Joe Biden take his oath of office.

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4 Responses to “Big Day”

  1. lotusloquax Says:

    I blogged about the history we are living through yesterday on my blog for MLKJ day. It’s amazing the things we see in our lifetimes. The days that I remember specifics about day and time are the day I heard John Lennon was killed and my friend’s reaction and the day the towers came down in NY.

  2. Julia Says:

    This is a day of HOPE for the world! YAY!
    Historic events I remember vividly…
    JFK's assassination – I was in school when word came that he'd been shot. They sent us all home. I remember sitting outside on the wall and crying.
    The first man on the moon – I was in Old Town in Chicago at a little shop. The owner brought out a tiny TV and we all watched. On my way home I remember looking up at the moon and thinking "There are men up there looking down here." It was awesome.
    John Lennon's murder – I was at home watching a Denver Bronco's football game on TV. After the initial shock – I cried.
    The Columbia Space Shuttle disaster – Heard about it at work. The most memorable thing about it for me was that two days later I wrote a poem about it – sent it off to a magazine – got a call an hour later – they bought it and published it.
    9/11 – I was at work and saw it on the TV in the cafeteria. At first, like everyone else – thinking it was some horrible accident. As the truth unfolded, I could feel the world as we knew it slipping away.
    November 11, 2008 – I was in bed asleep when my daughter called and said "Obama's won!"
    Although it seems like the disasters & horrible events are the ones that make the deeper mark on our psyche – I think that days like today – full of hope and promise (and hard work!) are the ones that truly change our lives. I'm certainly hoping that is true!

  3. Trish Doller Says:

    This one is pretty obscure, but I was waiting in the drive-up lane at the bank when the Detroit radio station I listened to announced that Jeff Buckley's body had been found floating in a tributary of the Mississippi River. I'd only heard his one song on the radio, but I loved it and I remember feeling profoundly sad that the music world had lost someone with so much promise.

  4. shellijohannes Says:

    space shuttle crash
    Princess diana's crash/funeral