Linkapalooza! (or why to write YA)

June 13th, 2008 • Kate

Like many agents, I regularly get email links to sites that mention my authors, my agency, or myself. Today I found this nice mention of SAVING ZOE by Alyson Noel, from author Amanda Ashby, and this review of DEVILISH by Maureen Johnson from Trashionista. But I also love to follow the references and see where they lead, hoping to find something great to post about. (Because if you think coming up with a daily post is easy, you’re a wee bit insane!) So today I was thrilled to follow another mention of Maureen Johnson to this wonderful list of Reasons to Write YA, from aspiring author Mary Danielson. I’m not necessarily sure I agree with every reason she lists, but it’s definite food for thought.
What about you? What are YOUR reasons to write YA? Or for any other age range or genre? The comments are open!

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5 Responses to “Linkapalooza! (or why to write YA)”

  1. Jean Ann Williams Says:

    I write for the YA and MG audience mainly because I wish I had had the guidance at home when at those ages. I write funny, hopeful, honest stories of the joys and problems of YA and MG age group, especially for those who don't have the support at home they wish for.
    I want them to feel they are not alone in their 'unique' situations.
    My heart goes out to the young people.

  2. dust Says:

    …Because I like reading it!

  3. jeanoram Says:

    For me…the stories are always there, pushing at the front of my mind, begging to be put on the page…or well typed into my computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Helene Boudreau Says:

    I write PBs to YA but particularly love writing for early/emerging readers.
    I volunteer as a reading helper at my daughter's school (she's 7) and it's such a kick to watch those little guys make connections as they build their reading skills. It's almost as though you can see the neurons fire behind their eyes.
    One little guy stands out for me that perfectly illustrates why I love this stage. He could be the poster child for male, reluctant readers. His teacher wanted me to read a level one book with him since that's where she had assessed him. She didn't have much of a choice, the boy just _didn't_ read.
    Problem was, the level one book was about twin girls discussing their likes and dislikes (I like dresses, she likes pants. I like bunnies, she likes…you get the picture)
    Um, no. Not gonna happen.
    He sat with his arms crossed, perma-scowl on his face. Finally after 5 minutes of cajoling short of bribing him with the bubble gum in my purse (it was tempting) I sat back and said he could choose any book he liked.
    He chose one about the ocean. I think it had a shark in it.
    Turns out he's a level 4 reader. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Writing for children = the coolest job ever!
    Helene Boudreau

  5. Julia Says:

    I write YA because that is possibly the most vivid time period in my memory. I can recapture my teen experiences in a scent, a few notes of music, a glance at a group of kids hanging out… and while I would have loved being a teenager – that was cut short when my mom died & I had to become completely responsible for myself.
    So, maybe, I'm re-living some of those experiences I never got enough of. (Okay – I am not a time traveler, or from a different dimension – so the speculative fiction parts don't come from real experiences… heh, heh…)