Holiday week!

June 30th, 2008 • Kate

It’s a short week, and many of you may be lucky enough to be heading to the beach. What better book to stash in your beach bag than Cruel Summer? If you hop on over to Alyson Noel’s blog, you can find out how you can win an entire bag full of summer reads, including Cruel Summer.
And, well, if you’re me, you’re spending the week hoping to get a lot of reading done, finalizing a contracts (fingers crossed!), and negotiating a new deal for one of my clients. My dreams of heading to the beach will have to wait until later this month, when I relocate to the New York office for a week and can actually get to the ocean. Woot! Until then, since summer’s the theme and all that, tell me: What are your favorite Summer books? Whether that’s a book you read in the summer, a book you read every summer, a book that’s about summer, or a book that somehow, for some reason, just screams “Summer!” to you.
For me, summer makes me think of big, juicy reads, like the ones the Brits have termed “bonkbusters.” (Yes, it means what you think it means.) I love Louise Bagshawe‘s books, and know there’s several of them stashed on various shelves in the Unfeasible Beach House, with sand in the spine and slight water damage. Now, apparently Louise has gone a bit mainstream and entered politics or something, but there’s also her sister Tilly. Both write books I consider delicious summer reads.
Your turn!

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5 Responses to “Holiday week!”

  1. JKB Says:

    Speaking of bonkbusters (LOL I hadn't heard that phrase!) have you read Jilly Cooper? Specifically Riders, or Polo, or The Man who Made Husbands Jealous. Perfect brain candy.

  2. Jean Ann Williams Says:

    Summer reading is the best. I enjoy sitting outside in the sun while reading. Or in a shady spot if it's too hot.
    My favorite author to read in the summer is Gary Paulson. Hatchet had my full attention.

  3. Carrie Says:

    I like the Sharon Shinn books about Samaria. Just the right combination of good story and romancey-type stuff. 🙂

  4. slf Says:

    In the category of bonkbusters: Maia, by Richard Adams. Read it a couple summers in a row in my college years.

  5. Alyson Noel Says:

    I'm with JKB– absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED–RIDERS by Jilly Cooper. They re-issued it last year and I bought shiny new copies for me and my mom!