Why oh why no wifi?

February 29th, 2008

The New York office today is a cafe on Franklin Street in Tribeca called Pecan, which has — huzzah! — free wifi. And conveniently located power outlets.

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The New York Office

February 28th, 2008

Flew in from Denver late last night/early this morning to the New York office for a few days of meetings with editors and such.

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A great start

February 27th, 2008

I’m thrilled to share the following announcement from Publishers Marketplace about Trish Doller’s UNBECOMING.

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(Net)Work it, baby!

February 26th, 2008
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Borrowed Rexroth’s car last night to drive on up to Boulder to meet with the writers of Murphy’s Fiction Collective, a group of creative souls who gather with some regularity in a local Boulder bar. They were the hosts, along with other local writers and creative types, of a fun networking party for the local writing/publishing community.

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Ask Daphne! Agent Switcheroo (but really about specializing)

February 25th, 2008
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I have this “friend,” see. At the outset of her relationship with her agent, my friend explained that she aspired to write novels for kids and teens, even though her day job was writing in other categories. The agent said, “No problem.” But my friend has noticed the agent has sold nothing else like that. Would it be better for my friend to seek another agent who specializes in children’s literature?

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